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Fitzpatrick Team Developments

Fitzpatrick Team Developments are a London based development company that benefits from its location and the London economic effect. The Fitzpatrick’s have operated as builders and developers in the London area since the 1940’s and bring locally based knowledge and contacts together to produce startling results from sometimes overlooked or unappreciated properties.

Most of their development projects are purchased “off market” directly form the owner or are recommendations from a network of property professionals.

Over the years the Fitzpatrick’s have won awards from the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Civic Trust, the Department of the Environment and the National House Builders Council (NHBC). The highest standards have also been recognized with the award National Gold Medallion for Quality and with commendations in The Sunday Times Building of the Year and the Institute of Facility Managers’ Office Building of the year awards.

Experience, skill, integrity and attention to quality are matters of pride.

The Management Team

These are the people that bring the developments to life with years of experience, unparalleled attention to detail and the Fitzpatrick pride in the quality of finish.

Rose-Anna Fitzpatrick

Company Secretary

Rose-Anna has a BA Hons in Business and is responsible for financial management of the company.

Mark Fitzpatrick


Mark has a background as an electrical engineer and has worked in the property investment and construction industry for over 15 years. Mark heads up the development portfolio and investor relations for the group.

Vivien Snook

Account Manager

Viv first joined the company over 20 years ago and manages the administration of development projects.



Investors have approached us over the past few years or so who are dissatisfied with current deposit rates. They have typically had cash deposits and felt that they were not receiving a sufficient return on their investment, particularly after inflation was taken into account.
We have been asked if we could include their funds within our developments and return a more generous interest rate than lending institutions.
They found that the major banks could not offer their required returns. As you may expect they had considered investment bonds and stocks and shares but were concerned with the volatility of the stock market and the ongoing broker and middlemen fees.
We have formulated a scheme that will allow individuals to benefit from the rising fortunes of the current London housing market. Put simply, we have identified a number of potential development schemes that if carried through would allow us to repay individual investors a return substantially above current banking returns. The investments will not be put into a larger "pool" but be allocated for specific projects that can be monitored and visited.


Funds do we offer?

The funds are an opportunity for investors who recognize the London property market as being unique within the UK in 2015 and ongoing for the next five years into 2020. We increase values by buying property and, through careful development, we can realise high financial returns.
The minimum investment period will be 12 months but this may vary.
We are not a large anonymous organization and we shall deal with investors personally. You will be regularly updated as to progress on "your" scheme and if you wish to see what is happening and how things are progressing you can get on the telephone or visit personally. The key to this approach is that you are not a stranger but rather a valued personal investor.
There is more than one way to invest. We can accept investors who want no risk and a fixed return or investors who wish to link their return to the value of London housing.


Fitzpatrick Team are not offering

We are not offering a high-risk investment - the return you receive can be fixed before you invest.

It is not a liquid investment that can return your money at short notice. You must be prepared to invest for medium to long term.


For a detailed discussion in complete confidence contact Mark Fitzpatrick and he will go over the whole process and calculate what interest rate can be offered to you for your investment.
Mark does not represent a bank or lending institution. He is not covered by any financial advisory set up and is not offering financial advice. He is a property professional with a keen eye for a development.
It is recommended that you take independent legal and accountancy advice before investing any money. A two-week cooling off period will be offered and funds will not be invested within this period so that they can be returned to you without delay and if, for any reason at all, you change your mind during this "cooling off" period.
In essence, Fitzpatrick Team Developments are experienced builders and developers who will invest your money to produce you a higher return than is available by placing your funds into an investment account with a financial institution.

contact us

330 Hornsey Road, London, N7 7HE Email: Telephone: 020 7561 0988

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